The artist on the move



Born in 1942 in a tiny town called Perumbavoor, in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. Balan received his first lessons in art from the Cochin School of Arts. Later on he graduated in Fine Arts and had a brief stint as a teacher at the St. Albert’s School in Cochin. After experimenting with several art forms for self expression, Balan settled on sculpturing. He  moved to Chennai as a freelance artist and it was here that he learnt quite bit about Christian art. He travelled the length and breadth of the country and some parts of the world to discover and learn further. An ardent nature enthusiast, Balan later bought a piece of land near Bangalore and built an ashram of his own called Tapovan. Here he raised his studio and Kalakshetra, a workshop to evolve and train youngsters in art. Tapovan also houses a beautiful garden hand tended to by Balan.

Blending Christian theology into Indian culture and art, Balan has produced beautiful masterpieces. His interests varied from sculpturing to mosaic art, stained glass art, painting and architecture. Seldom ever claiming his rightful share of fame, Balan lived a life absolutely devoted to art and nature. And at 59 he passed away to the world of perfect harmony and beauty.