The artist on the move


Divine and other-worldly though it may be, art is through and through a human reality. It is the sights of the human spirit which echoes in art – be it music, dance, sculpture or painting. It will have the odour of the soil in which it is rooted.

To step out of one’s forte and traverse through new realms is no mean a task. It takes great passion and grit to chart a new course thus. V Balan, the legendary Indian artist, was one such enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Van Gogh, Michelangelo and others, Balan laid the foundation of a unique Indo-Italian mural art form in India. His were the hands that famously adorned more than 1000 churches across India and even Sri Lanka. Vibrant hues and deep set lines are signature features of this phenomenal artist. Precise and spiritual in nature, Balan’s artistic expressions were always perfect owing to the in depth research he did prior to each assignment.




The Church has always been a great patron of art and artists. Countless masterpieces adorning churches and cathedrals all over the world stand testimonies to the great tradition of christian art. Ever since the Second Council Vatican there came changes in the church art, giving gr…


V. Balan, born at Perumbavoor, Kerala, on 17th October 1942 to Chellamma and Venketachelam Pillai, was the youngest of four children. He obtained a diploma from the Cochin School of Art in 1962 and taught there from 1963 to 1966. Next year he joined the teaching staff at…


1942 Born on 17th October to Chellamma and Venketachelam Pillai at Perumbavoor. 1962 Took a Diploma from Cochin School of Art. 1963-66 Taught at Cochin School of Art. 1970 Moved to Chennai as a Freelance Artist. 1972 The turning point- did his…